• Alfina Damayanti Institut Agama Islam Negeri Ponorogo
Keywords: Professional Zakat, Nisab, Haul, Provisions, Modern Era


Professional zakat in the modern era is still a debate around the law that arises because there is no qat'i (firm) argument and it is strengthened that the term professional zakat is not included in things that must be zakat zakat. Not all scholars support the existence of zakat taken from the results of the business with unclear profession, size, nisab, and percentage. on the other hand, for those who support it, there are enough reasons that can be used as arguments, except that the benefits of zakat are very large against a fairly logical comparison, by saying that if zakat from profession is eliminated, there will be capitalist fiqh with the parable of a farmer who is obliged to pay zakat on his agricultural products despite his income. just barely, ironically why a pilot, for example, who earns tens of millions every month is not obliged to pay zakat. Profession's zakat during the time of the Prophet did not exist, the reason was that during the time of the Prophet, people were hunting for income in commerce and agriculture. Nowadays people have an income unlike those three problems, but they can with their expertise / profession.


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